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MobiFirst Review and bonus should I get it
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MobiFirst Review doesn't work like they said it would, open a support ticket with your results showing where you used it and that you followed their extensive training and then they'll look it over themselves. They have extensive training, FAQs in the support area, a Facebook group, and more to help you become successful with MobiFirst. If, after all that, you still want a refund, then they'll refund you every penny.

Overview: There’s new way to build websites that embraces the change to Mobile-First indexing, and time and time again produce the fastest loading sites across both desktop and mobile devices! It’s called MobiFirst. You see, MobiFirst goes about building a website the complete opposite way of virtually every other site builder out there, and the results are undeniable.  Time and time again, MobiFirst produces lighting fast websites. MobiFirst Reviewis a website builder that lets you build Mobile websites first, and then add elements. For larger screen later. This is the first-time website building has been approached this way, the Way that Google wants. and you can build sites for you and optionally your clients that. Destroy your competition. Have you heard about “Mobile-First” indexing?  It’s a term Google used to describe its latest MAJOR change in how Google indexes websites – which now puts hardcore emphasis on how a website performs on Mobile devices, specifically site LOAD TIME.

Look at this comment directly from Google’s Webmaster blog: “…we recently announced that beginning in July 2018, content that is slow-loading may perform less well for both desktop and mobile searchers.” And this announcement from Google just a couple weeks ago…

Starting July 1, 2019, Mobile-First Indexing will be used to index “all new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites.”  This means that site load speed (especially on mobile) is becoming just as, if not more important than a site’s content.  And if there are two websites, both with the same content, the fastest loading website across all devices (especially Mobile) will get the nod from Google in the rankings. It makes total sense – everything is going Mobile!  So why wouldn’t Google start ranking for the top mobile performance?

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