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Eight Webhosting Review discount 49%
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Eight Webhosting Review: Host Your Client Sites with our Commercial License: Unlike GoDaddy or Hostgator and almost every other Hosting Provider, we want you to be able to make money from our hosting, without having to buy a reseller package. Check this from the Hostgator Terms of Service: “Remember, shared Web Hosting accounts may not resell their hosting to other people. If you wish to resell hosting, you must use a Reseller Hosting, VPS or dedicated account.” Purchase our Platinum hosting and we’ll throw in a commercial license.  You can provide hosting for your clients and setup everything for thing in your control panel. Charge customers monthly, yearly or every eight years … although we might call you a copycat. Guaranteed Hosting Availability with Our 120x Uptime Guarantee. Exclusively Available at Eight Webhosting. Uptime guarantee details will go here. A couple of long paragraphs about our enterprise infrastructure and premium network highlighting that for every 1 hour of downtime your account experiences, we will give you 120 hours account credit. How Can You Provide  Eight Years Of Hosting For A Single Payment? One of the main reasons we can provide eight years is because we don’t provide unlimited hosting.  Let’s face it, you don’t need unlimited hosting – some clients require it but that’s probably not you.  Maybe 1 in 1,000 customers need this. And guess what happens with unlimited hosting providers?  Every “average” customer pays to subsidize the high resource user.  And every “average” customer gets slower service when the high resource user consumes more than average.  Not with Eight Webhosting Review – we offer fair and reasonable resources for a great price. Another reason we can provide this is that we have the infrastructure, the capacity and the staff.  Running a huge discounted hosting offer is pretty easy when you’re already paying for the resources. It’s like when a cruise ship gives you a great “last minute discount” since they have to pay for the ship whether it’s full or not.  Same thing for us – we pay the staff and the datacenter regardless of if we are using all of the resources.


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