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Vsource Review and 2300$ bonuses
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Vsource Review: When you chose our evergreen formula… each Hub you build is Passive…...That’s correct – in 5 - 30 minutes from now you can build a complete site with real traffic… engaging content and your affiliate link (or CTA) with just a few clicks…It’ll rank in days... and it will make you money for as long as you own it.And that means You Can: Hold onto it… and Make Passive Income Week In, Week Out... Or maybe you'd like to Flip it for Big Money in 3 to 6 months… Like This And... They're Yours for the Taking... It takes... Seconds to find them…And Minutes to Swipe the Traffic. Vsource unearths them all in seconds… simply drop the keyword into the software, filter by broken links and BAM…Instant traffic – grab the domain ($3-10) and auto build your site with Vsource Plugin (In Minutes). Hint: Following our instructions you will often find multiple expired domains. This offers a unique opportunity... I.e. Build on the most popular and forward the others to your new site for even more traffic.

Launch Jacking…Or from Scratch – Still Easy: LOOK. So the product you want to promote is less than a year old… Maybe you want to cash in fast on multiple daily product launches… or maybe you want to start from scratch… No problem, it’s easy. Providing you follow our guidance your site will rank in Google in around 1 week… You won’t need backlinks or any of that boring stuff… simply drop in the keyword – add your affiliate link and you’re done.

Niche Site from Scratch: EXAMPLE. Note: Please excuse the subject matter...No wish to offend.

Ranked in 5 days... This ‘How to get rid of cold sores’ site ranked in 5 days. It contains nothing but other people’s content… I haven’t even tided it up or made any edits. What you see is how the Vsource Review App spat it out(apart from the little logo). Other people’s content and videos… other people’s comments, even their images… I’m using them all, only with my link overlaying and locking the video… and embedded into the post.

One little site which took 6 minutes to build from start to finish… ranks on page 1 in days… No I won’t get rich from it… but it’ll make me 1 or 2 sales every week.


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