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ListGrow Review and 2300$ bonuses
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ListGrow Review: Let’s do this…I’ll take the top 6 methods listed here and show what’s the kind of damage that you are looking at if you were to try these out… One-up the competition with your lead magnet by making it bigger and better… Cost $50. And you would need 100 of these. So that’s $500. Add content upgrades to your blog posts. ... These could be as simple as a PDF, condensed version of the post with additional, “bonus” information. But then first you need a Blog… actually 100 blogs. You can write these or outsource these. Cost: $65 even if you are on a shoe-string budget and go for the cheapest one. That’s $650

Make some of your content gated. ... Gated content is content on your website that can’t be accessed until the visitor enters their email address. Now this “Gate” is an Optin Form. It comes at a price… Cost: $75.  So, total $750. Host webinars … You’ll need to learn how to host a webinar. You can buy a course for that for around $600 and then get access to the platform from where you’ll host this webinar. Cost: Between $89-$429 per month. Oh and also, you’ll need to run some ads to get people to come to your webinar. That costs extra…Host a giveaway. This requires participants to sign up with their email address, and give them Additional Entries when they share the giveaway on social media. Basically, it more lead magnets. Create a quiz and require participants to enter their email address before they can download their results. Cost: $55. You’ll need a 100 of these. So, $550.

So, at the moment you are down at least… $3,000 and a countless number of hours spent on creating these or getting these done, using these and waiting for trickles of traffic to roll-in. The question is ListGrow ReviewDid Google lie? By Now I am sure you are hoping that it did… But sadly – It didn’t. You DO need all these and many more… in fact all 73 of them to get a decent number of people on your list to start making some money online. Is there another way? – Yes. 
These Marketers Did The same thing…But A little differently! They hit the ground running and created a MASSIVE list in no time…


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